Sam Richardson Plaque

The CTS Alumni Association proudly announces the installation of the Heritage Toronto Sam Richardson plaque on July 24, 2020. The elegant plaque was made possible by the expertise of Heritage Toronto staff and contractors. The plaque is placed on the south lawn of Central Technical School facing Harbord Street east of Bathurst, situated so that it is accessible to all pedestrians.

The CTS Alumni honours a courageous alumnus who was a member of the 1936 Canadian Olympic team in Berlin, Germany, at a time when racism and genocide was rampant, which given current events is entirely relevant. An accomplished athlete, and according to those that knew him, Sam was offered scholarships to study at a number of universities. Because of family responsibilities and the depressed economy of the late 1930s, he chose not to attend. The fact that he had to forfeit opportunities that would have taken him to great athletic heights was something that he did not forget. Sam strongly believed in mentoring young athletes throughout his life, participating in the Harry Jerome Awards as well as touring with George Chuvallo after he retired from the CBC.

The CTS Alumni Association will carry out part of Sam’s legacy of mentoring students with bursaries to 2 graduates at the 2020 CTS commencement ceremony. The CTS Alumni is also planning an unveiling ceremony at the school. Further details on both events will be available at a later date.


Central Technical School Alumni Association