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We would like to take this opportunity to let you know what we are doing. The Alumni Association didn’t disappear after the 100th Anniversary. We continue to exist for three reasons, first to advocate for the school, secondly to provide bursaries to students, and thirdly to provide resources.

By advocating for the school we want it to be the best there is, to instill pride and have courses that will prepare the students to a bright future post Tech.Secondly, we are presenting bursaries to students who have worked hard and desire to continue their education post Central Tech. Finally we can strive to  provide some needed resources to the school. This last one is a little more complicated. Schools today have had to do fund raising to obtain needed supplies and equipment, an all too familiar occurrence. We cannot give money directly to the school, but can purchase needed goods, such as uniforms, equipment, classroom supplies and give them to the school.

However, for us to do this, it takes money. Here’s the hook, we are asking for your help, by making a donation to the Alumni Association. We have charitable status, which means we can give you a tax receipt for any donation of $10.00 or more. If everyone who has logged on to this site and donated the minimum $10.00 we could raise over $35,000.00. So please click on the Donate button and give what you can and help your school.