Commencement 2023

The CTS Alumni Association Participates in the 2023 CTS Commencement


The CTS Alumni Association was delighted to participate in the 2023 CTS Commencement. On hand were city dignitaries, parents and CTS staff. Guidance teacher Mike Cormier was proud to announce that it was his 25th year as Commencement emcee.

CTS Alumni President George Homatidis spoke to the enthusiastic audience and presented three CTS Alumni Association–sponsored bursaries.

The CTS Alumni Association “Success the CTS Way” bursary recipient was Aesha Jemal. Aesha was also the recipient of the LAWS bursary for her achievements in the LAWS program.

There were two CTS Alumni Association bursaries given in honour of Olympian Sam Richardson. Jasmin Da Silva Costa received the bursary in the Trade category, Zev Zabitsky received the bursary in the Track & Field category of the award.

Jasmin was also the recipient of the George H. Graham Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement and the Governor General’s Academic Medal for the highest average upon graduation.

Zev was also awarded the Fred Daly Award for his achievements in Track & Field.

The Valedictorian Award was given to Leila Trottier-Evans. Leila excelled in LAWS and in the Art program at CTS.

Congratulations to our new CTS Alumni!

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“Success the CTS Way” bursary winner Aesha Jemal poses with her Family and CTS Alumni Association President George Homatidis.
Jasmin Da Silva Costa is presented with the Sam Richardson bursary in the Trade category by CTS Alumni Association President George Homatidis.


CTS Alumni Association President George Homatidis presenting the Success the CTS Way bursary to Aesha Jemal
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