CTS graduation

Commencement 2022

CTS Commencement October 6, 2022

Central Technical School was abuzz with excitement on October 6, 2022. After a long period of COVID lock-down, the graduate students at CTS were allowed to have an in-person commencement. School principal Anne Chirakal and CTS faculty and staff worked very hard to prepare the auditorium and school for the event. Student school ambassadors assisted guests throughout the evening. Guidance teacher Mike Cormier did a wonderful job as emcee. The highlight of the evening was the distribution of many awards and bursaries. The CTS Alumni award, Success the CTS Way, was given to Rona Mohsini. Rona was also valedictorian this year and gave a heartfelt speech. The two new bursaries c/o the CTS Alumni Association are in honour of Olympian Sam Richardson. The Track and Field Sam Richardson bursary was given to Katrell Dos Santos, the Trade recipient was Justin Diaz Friere. The Richardson family was proudly represented by Sam Richardson’s granddaughters Simone Smith and Laurice Richardson. Simone was on stage to hand out the bursaries. Our thanks to the donors that made this new award possible. Congratulations 2022 graduates and to CTS for a successful commencement!

Central Technical School Alumni Association