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Interested in Volunteering?

When you volunteer, you are contributing an invaluable resource – your time! It’s a great way to strengthen your connection to Central Tech and other amazing alumni/alumnae. Have a look at the volunteer opportunities below. Thanks for your interest! Whether it’s a short or long term commitment of your time it all helps, remember what CTS gave to you, help us now and give some of that back to CTS and our future students. The Alumni’s goal is to pay it forward.


Things that matter

We are Family! Remember to be proud that you are part of the BIG Central Tech family – the Alumni are Family.
Please keep in touch, join us and help others.

Your Invaluable Contribution


Reach out to prospective students by volunteering for the Membership Drive or by serving on its Board of Directors or on one of its alumni/alumnae committees.

Mentoring and Networking

Become a professional mentor to a promising Central Tech student interested in your field.

Life Net

Become an adviser for alumni/alumnae interested in social, personal, or professional networking.


Get involved in the excitement of planning your class reunion by becoming a class Ambassador or Officer.

Back-to- Class Program

Share your expertise by offering a class or workshop during reunion or during the school year to the students on career day.


Connect with other dynamic CTS alumni/alumnae by joining or starting an Ambassador email/phone contact chain or a small group of friends in your area.


Help the Alumni stay fiscally strong.

Join our team right now!