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Meet The Team

Christine McCurry
Co-Chair CTS Alumni Association
George Homatidis
Co-Chair CTS Alumni Association
Bob McVeigh
Terri Carleton
Bob Longworth
Dir. Veteran and Retired Faculty
Michael Solish
Dir. Regulatory Control
Fernanda Pisani
Dir. Archives and Publications
Eddie Hebson
Co-Dir. Corporate Sponsorship
John Colalillo
Co-Dir. Corporate Sponsorship
Lorne Strachan
Dir. Website Administration
Aldo Sorrenti
Dir. Communication
Maria Lainas
Co-Dir. Special Events
Anna Bicci
Co-Dir. Special Events
Jennifer Choo Chee
Parent Council Representative
Maurice Bicci
Executive Member at Large
Leo Darmitz
Executive Member at Large
Warren Beatty
Executive Member at Large

OUR STORY - About CTS Alumni Association

We, the Central Technical School Alumni Association would like to thank all who have so generously contributed their time and talents in order to make these past few years leading up to the 100th celebration an epic occasion to remember. 

Some will remember the rededication of the War Memorial and the commemoration of the 100thCornerstone Anniversary celebration on Friday, November 8, 2013 as the first public event and kickoff, but this particular weekend has evolved through many hours, weeks, months and years of behind the scenes work and humble commitment to the school’s own motto:

To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

When we celebrated Central Technical School’s 100th milestone, I asked everyone to pause a moment to remember all of the former students, faculty, and staff who have shared their stories, time, and honour for the school, with the current students and the community around us.  Pride and honour are not just words: as CTS graduates.  The pride is in our history with the school and the community in which we all share.  It is an honour to be a part of the CTS story.

Thank you for being a part of the EPIC celebrations.

It’s something to be proud of — being a TECH student.  We part of the Legacy of Spirit for the future.

CTS Alumni

Is a Charitable Organization of former Students and Teachers whose possessing a strong collective devotion, respect and love for Central Tech.

The CTS Way

Unconditionally promotes friendship and acts of generosity that bring honour to the school, the students and the community. Success! The CTS way!

We are Family

Remember to be proud that you are part of the BIG Central Tech family – the Alumni are Family. Please keep in touch, join us….

The Alumni represents TECH’s past, present and future.

We are from all walks of life. We work and live in all industries – you name it, we are there. Success! The CTS way! Is the Alumni’s annual award – our way to remember and honour a very deserving recipient, someone who has shown teachers and staff success and true CTS Spirit.

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